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Safe to book with STS – Read about the industry’s kindest terms here!

Security before, during and after the journey is important to us, our students and their families, especially in times like these. We are optimising our booking terms for you to have the most secure terms with us.

Changes in payment schedule and cancellation policy
We know that there is still, despite the vaccine, a lot of uncertainty in the world and we do understand that a High School program is a big commitment. We are certain that High School exchange 2021 will happen and that you will be able to depart on your big adventure. However, we do understand that you might not feel as confident as we do. That is why we have decided to adjust our payment schedule and cancellation policy accordingly, so you don’t need to worry about making large payments or getting high cancellation fees at this time.

If you book no later than January 31 2021:

  • No booking fee
  • No program fee invoices until April 1st 2021.
  • No cancellation fees if you would for any reason change your mind about going before April 1st 2021

These terms apply to bookings for High School programs confirmed between 1/9 2020 and 31/1 2021.
If you wish to stick to the original payment plan or start to make monthly payments despite this, please let us know and we will send you instructions. We are able to take card payments if you wish to pay with VISA or Mastercard.
We hope that this arrangement will give you a piece of mind during times of uncertainty.

Choose to pay with credit card – for extra protection.
You can now choose to pay parts of, or the entire program fee with credit card – this can give you a payment insurance and the right to reclaim payments through your credit card provider if for some reason we as an organisation fail to deliver your booking.
Please note that different terms and conditions apply to different credit card providers, so always check your provider’s terms before choosing this payment option.

Our cancellation insurance options:
We offer two different add-on cancellation insurance packages.
Standard: Our most popular cancellation insurance, now made even better. The insurance gives a full refund of all payments* if the traveller gets an illness or injury that prevents travelling, or in the case of death in the family. Any reason for activating the insurance must be certified by a medical certificate.
Cost: 2350 DKK– with cost guarantee! If you were to find an equivalent insurance at a lower price with any of our competitors, we’ll meet that cost to make sure you have the most beneficial protection with STS.
Expanded cancellation insurance: With expanded insurance, you can cancel your booking for any reason and get a full refund of all payments* up until 10 days before departure.
Cost: 9500 DKK for our Classic programs, 15000 DKK for Select programs

*Except the cost for the insurance itself.