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Program fees

Registration fee

When you apply for a high school exchange and get accepted to the program, you will receive an invoice with a registration fee. This is standard for all exchange organizations and is a confirmation that you want us to continue to work with your application.

The registration fee is 5000 DKK for Classic and Select programs, regardless of destination. It’s included in the total program price.

Program price

The total price for your exchange year depends on the destination, length and add-ons. Under each destination page here on the website, you can see what the base price for a classic high school program is.

For fall departures, the following payment scheme applies, as a percentage of the total program price:

Instalment To be paid Amount
1 30 days after application 5000 DKK*
2 January 15 25% of the program price
3 April 1 30% of the program price
4 June 1 Remaining amount**

* Will not be refunded
** The final invoice includes the remainder of the program fee, currency surcharge, any visa costs, student insurance and any additional services. Any discounts are also deducted on the final invoice.

Costs in addition to program fee

There will be some additional costs not included in the program price that you need to account for. Insurance, VISA application costs, health examination, possible currency surcharges, possible school uniform, school lunch, school bus, club fees, optional add-on trips during the exchange year, pocket money and personal expenses.

Our high-school experts at STS can tell you what applies to the specific destination you are interested in.


It is obligatory for all STS students to have valid insurance during their stay abroad.

Through STS you can add a tailor-made insurance that includes illness, accidents, liability and luggage and is approved by the authorities in the country you are going to.

Should you wish to take out another insurance, it needs to be approved by the organization in the host country, otherwise the placement guarantee may be lost and the student will be liable for costs for, for example, medical expenses abroad.

Talk to us at STS and we will make sure to guide you correctly in the insurance issue.


What’s included?

  • Interview, meetings and materials that prepare you and your parents for the upcoming exchange year
  • STS Welcome Camp is always included when you go on a high school year with STS *
  • Flight to and from the host country
  • Travel arrangements to the final destination in the host country
  • STS employees or the host family meet up at the airport on arrival
  • Placement in a carefully selected host family with full board
  • STS's area representatives, regional offices and head office are available throughout the program
  • High school education as well as literature and textbooks for compulsory subjects (up to a value of 100 USD)
  • 24 hour telephone service. You can always reach us.
  • Information meetings during the academic year with area representatives and other exchange students
  • Certificate after the end of the exchange year or academic year
  • Membership in STS Ambassador Program

* During 2020/2021, no Welcome Camps were arranged, to avoid gathering many students in a small area. Instead, Year-end camps are offered where possible, at the end of the school year.



With STS, you have the opportunity to tailor your exchange year at certain destinations, to make it fit your specific dreams and expectations.

Area selection

For an additional fee, you have the opportunity to choose a state, major city or region. The opportunity to choose depends on the host country and places are limited, as it requires a completely different administration when it comes to school placements and searching for a suitable host family.

Talk to our high-school experts and they will guide you!

Additional trips during your stay

At all our destinations, additional trips are arranged for our exchange students in the country, which you can add on site. It is a great opportunity to explore places and cities in your host country and at the same time meet other exchange students who is on a similar journey as yours.

Language trips

Do you want to improve your language skills before you start your high school year? Then just get in touch with us. We can help you find a language course in several of our host countries.



STS offers several generous discounts, which can make your high school year more affordable. Please note that you cannot combine several discounts.

Returnee discount

Have you been on a language trip with STS before? Cool! As a returning student, you get a 5000 DKK discount when you go on a High School year and continue your adventure with us.

Sibling discount

Do you have a sibling who has been on a High School year with us before, or are you several siblings who plan to travel at the same time? How fun! Then you get a 5000 DKK discount when you book your own High School adventure with us.

Host and Go

If your family chooses to host an international exchange student while your are away with STS High School, you will receive a 5000 DKK discount if you host for six months and a 10 000 DKK discount if you host for a whole year. We promise that it’s a completely unique experience to welcome an exchange student to your home (And maybe there is extra room in both home and heart when a child is away on an adventure!)
Read more about what it is like to be a host family here.

Picture6.pngCancellation terms and cancellation protection

Cancellation of your trip

If you choose to cancel your exchange year when there are less than five months left until depature, STS retains the registration fee.

After that, we follow the agreement on international youth exchanges that regulates how much of the program fee is refunded, depending on how close to departre the cancellation takes place.

If you choose to add cencellation insurance when you book, other rules apply.

Cancellation insurance

We offer two different types of cancellation insurance options when you book your exchange year with us:

Standard: We have made our most purchased cancellation insurance even better - The insurance gives you a full refund of the amount paid* in the event of illness, accident or death within the family that is proven by a medical certificate.

Cost: 2350 DKK - with price guarantee! Should you find the corresponding cancellation protection at a lower price with one of our competitors, we’ll match that price, so that you have the most affordable protection with STS.

Extended: With STS extended cancellation insurance, you can, regardless of the reason, choose to cancel your trip with a full refund of the amount paid* no later than 10 days before departure.

Cost: 9500 DKK for our classic programs, 15 000 DKK for select programs.

* except the cost of the actual cancellation insurance