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Dare to go! It was an amazing experience

Siri from Sweden chose Brighton for her language trip.

"I stayed in a huge campus with people from everywhere around the world. We had lots of activities at the campus, for example fashion shows, challenges, sports, and movie nights. There was a canteen five minutes from my dorm and the food was lovely. We got a taste of what breakfast, lunch and dinner was like in England. The students were the best, but the campus leaders were also amazing. I felt like they really loved their job and was easy to talk to. There was a safe and nice environment, everyone was so friendly.

The best with my trip was that I made a lot of friends. They came from everywhere around the world and I will never forget them and the memories we made together. My favorite memories are from when me and my friends stayed in each other’s rooms, talking and laughing. We got so close.

I really feel like I got a great view of the culture and people because we took trips to not only Brighton but also to London and Cambridge. We also got time for shopping and exploring the cities.

My top advice:

  • Be prepared, have a packing list and be ready a couple of days before you go.
  • Be open minded, don’t be shy instead be nice and ask people to hang out, challenge yourself and try to talk to everyone, not only people from your own country.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new activities.
  • To develop your language, ask a lot of questions and try to use the language as much as you can for example in conversations or in lessons.
  • Be yourself and challenge yourself! Don’t stand aside, challenge yourself and talk to people. For me it was really scary in the beginning, but I understood later that everyone was just as scared as I was. I wasn’t alone and that made a great bond with the other students.

Dare to go! It was an amazing experience and I loved Brighton!”