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Kommende STS udvekslingselever

Har du hjertet på rette sted og har lyst til at byde en udvekslingselev indenfor i dit hjem? Eller kender du nogen, der kunne have lyst til det? Vil du gerne lære mere om en anden kultur og få en ven for livet? Vi søger dedikerede familier til vores udvekslingselever, der kommer til Danmark fra hele verden. Fortæl os her, at du er interesseret i at blive værtsfamilie. Din henvendelse er selvfølgelig helt uforpligtende.

Til efteråret kommer vores nye udvekslingselever til Danmark fra USA, Brasilien, Japan, Tyskland, Sverige, Italien og andre lande. Selvfølgelig får du som værtsfamilie lov til at vælge, hvilken udvekslingselev du gerne vil invitere ind i dit hjem, så grib chancen, læs mere, og lær vores udvekslingselever at kende for at se, om en af dem kunne passe ind i din familie!

Og tilmeld dig et af vores informationsmøder, hvor vi fortæller mere om, hvordan det er at være værtsfamilie. Du kan også læse vores ofte stillede spørgsmål og om vores tidligere værtsfamiliers oplevelser.



Navn: Marta
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: Italien
Sprog: Italiensk & Engelsk
Periode: August 2023 - Juni 2024

Hvem er Marta?

Marta is a friendly and adventurous girl from a small town in northern Italy where she lives with her mom, dad and older brother. Her family loves to travel and have tried hosting an exchange student themselves. Her hobbies are reading, listening to all kinds of music, going for walks by the river and hanging out with friends. She is very social and loves talking, whether it is with friends, parents or her grandparents. She often visits her grandparents to have dinner, talk and play cards.​

Hvorfor ønsker Marta at tage på udveksling i Danmark?

Marta has been to Denmark twice before. She thinks it is a great and safe place and appreciate the Danish way of life. She wants to learn the Danish language and make new friends. She also wants to learn more about typical foods and visit places she has never been to, as well as learn about new customs and traditions. Lastly, she is very excited to share her own culture with her host family.​

En hilsen fra Marta:

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet my Danish family, to finally make my trip to Denmark that I have been waiting for years and to live in this beautiful country for ten months!"



Navn: Kristina
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: Tjekkiet
Sprog: Engelsk, Tysk & Tjekkisk
Periode: August 2023 - Juni 2024

Hvem er Kristina?

Kristina lives with her mom, dad, two brothers and a sister in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic. Kristina always wanted to be a singer or musician, so she is interested in guitar and singing. She is a part of a music group and she and her friends have concerts together. She is a sporty girl. Throughout her life, she has had tried many sports like swimming, some types of dancing, karate, and parkour. Now, Kristina is dancing pole dance. Kristina love to go to the gym and strengthening. She like painting and most of all she love reading books. Kristina is currently studying at a nursing school and has an internship in a hospital. She loves helping people which is her main reason for wanting to study medicine. She loves studying and learning new things.

Hvorfor ønsker Kristina at tage på udveksling i Danmark?

"I have liked Denmark for a long time. We were in Denmark for a holiday. We were in Hirtshals, then we were somewhere in the camp. We get there in late evening, we park the car and go swimming to the see where was cute crabs but it was kind a scary. Then we were on some sand dunes, and it was amazing."

En hilsen fra Kristina:
"Hi, I'm Kristina. I'm very sporty, I love swimming, pole dancing, snowboarding and skiing. In my free time, I like reading books or traveling. I like helping my mum clean the house and I love to babysit my siblings.Thank you for reading my letter, and I will be pleased if we’ll meet soon!"



Navn: Charlotte
Fødselsår: 2007
Hjemland: Tyskland
Sprog: Engelsk & Tysk
Periode: August 2023 - Juni 2024

Hvem er Charlotte?

Charlotte soon to be 16 years old, lives in Berlin in Germany, together with her parents, older sister, 2 cats and 2 dogs.​ Charlotte is an open-minded, sincere, enthusiastic and humorous girl. Charlotte is vegan, but it´s no problem for her to become a vegetarian, also that she can live with people who eats meat. ​In school, she is in the politics and she´s the schools spokeswoman. ​Her favorite subjects is history, ethics, English and music.​ On her free time Charlotte likes to go out with friends, read, listen to music, draw, walk the dogs or cook. ​On weekends she likes to see her favorite soccer team, FC Union Berlin.

Hvorfor ønsker Charlotte at tage på udveksling i Danmark?

"The reason, why i want to spent these 10 month in Denmark and in your family is, because I want to learn more about the country, it´s good and bad sides, the Denish culture, the language and more. I find it fascinating, that countries, that are not far away from each other, can have so different ways of living. In these 10 month it`s on me to find out how different Denmark is to Germany are. But the main reason, why i want to do an exchange year in general is to make new experiences away from my family and friends."​

En hilsen fra Charlotte:
"I´m really excited to become a part of your Family/to become a part of the school."


Navn: Laura
Fødselsår: 2007
Hjemland: Tyskland
Sprog: Engelsk, Tysk & Spansk
Periode: August 2023 - Juni 2024

Hvem er Laura?

Laura 15 years old, lives in a small town in Germany together with her parents, grandparents, little sister, little brother and her cat. Laura likes to cook for the whole family and try out new things. Laura is very committed in school and she is involved in the student council where she helps organizing events or take part in selling roses and cakes. She is also a member of the working group, where they take care of events technology, like sound and lights. During holidays she even took part of a learning camp for communication and language, and her two favorite lectures were General Linguistics and a Keynote speech on fields of neurolinguistics. Recently Laura started to play volleyball. But other than playing sports, she likes to read books in different genres, write stories and poems, and sing, which she also think is a good thing to do to pass some time.

Hvorfor ønsker Laura at tage på udveksling i Danmark?

Laura wants to challenge herself with living abroad and to see how she will change and develop. Laura wants to get a deeper appreciation of society in general, want to know how the people live in the world and to experience culture. To learn a new language and at the same time improve her English skills. In the end of the year, she hopes to call herself the proud owner of a campfire-worthy collection of stories.

En hilsen fra Laura:

"Hello to my future family and to my new school, I look forward to seeing you all."

Lauras videopræsentation


Navn: Janin
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: Tyskland
Sprog: Engelsk, Tysk & Fransk
Periode: August 2023 - Juni 2024

Hvem er Janin?

Janin live with her mother and stepdad in Germany. She would describe herself as a very active and funny person. Two of her passions are playing at skittles and dancing to K-POP songs. Janin is an active player within the skittles club and she like bowling as well. One day a week she is climbing in a group of teenagers, mostly boulder climbing but also top-rope climbing. Her family and her friends are the most important people to her. Janin will consider her host family as her family but just from another country. Janin think she is a reliable person who would do anything to reach her dreams but she couldn`t do it without any jokes or fun-time.

Hvorfor ønsker Janin at tage på udveksling i Danmark?

"I want to go abroad, especially to Denmark, because I love learning more about a new country, the culture, the residents and the food. I love food although I can´t eat some things like onions. These days, I´m learning some Danish too to be prepared when I can come to live with you."

En hilsen fra Janin:
"I would love to make new friends in Denmark and get to know the school and family life. I am really looking forward to meet you and make unique experiences and memories."

See Janins videopresentation here


Navn: Liv
Fødselsår: 2007
Hjemland: Tyskland
Sprog: Engelsk, Tysk & Fransk
Periode: August 2023 - Juni 2024

Hvem er Liv?

Liv is a 15 years old girl living in Cuxhaven in Germany together with her parents and her older brother. She like to play volleyball the most, but also to play other sports, play board games. She likes to decorating and changing her room she likes to go shopping and she is very interested in fashion and clothes. Every now and then she even cook or bake. Play beach soccer or beach handball together with her friends. She likes to go skiing with her family in Austria. She has a interest for fashion and interior design. She is very adventurous and love to get to know other people.

Hvorfor ønsker Liv at tage på udveksling i Danmark?

"My year in Denmark and in a hostfamily will be the biggest adventure for me. I look forward to getting to know you, discovering everything, meeting new people, going to a Danish school and of course learning Danish. It's all very exciting. I will certainly miss my family very much, but the experience of a year abroad should simply be part of my life."

En hilsen fra Liv:

"Jeg ser virkelig frem til min tid i Danmark og i din familie. Tak for din vilje til at acceptere mig og for din støtte!"

Livs videopræsentation

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