Kommende STS udvekslingselever

Vi har løbende udvekslingselever som kommer til Danmark, for at opleve den danske kultur på et high school år. De skal bo hos en dansk værtsfamilie, og derfor søger vi altid værtsfamilier til at huse vores udvekslingselever fra hele verden. Til august får en masse udvekslingselever til Danmark og de glæder sig til at lære dansk, lære mere om det danske begreb "hygge" og blive en del af den danske kultur. Du kan læse et sneak peak om de forskellige elever herunder - måske er der en som passer netop ind hos jer?

Vil du gerne høre mere, eller modtage elevens fulde profil inkl. billeder? Så udfyld en kontaktformular herunder, eller skriv om en e-mail direkte på info@sts.dk i dag.

Følgende udvekslingselever , mangler lige nu en dansk værtsfamilie:



Navn: Amelie
Fødselsår: 2004
Hjemland: Tyskland
Sprog: Engelsk, fransk, tysk, latin
Opholdsperiode: August 2022 – December 2022

Amelie loves to listen and create music. She plays piano and guitar. In her fee time she likes to do outdoor activities, cycling, hiking and being in the nature. Amilies hobby is photography and explore the world. Amelie also likes to spend time with friends, and she likes to cook. ​

Hvorfor vil Amelie på udveksling?
Amelie wants to experience another culture and collect valuable experiences for her future. Discover new sides of herself and to grow personally. She's curious to explore the world and discover new things. She's looking forward to learn about the Danish culture and to learn many things. She's highly motivated for this adventure. ​

Hilsen fra Amelie:
"I am looking forward to getting to know the Danish culture better and to collect many beautiful memories and also I would love to share my joys in life and my culture with my host family and school. I also hope to learn many new things. I am also impressed by your home country with its beautiful landscapes and extraordinary sights. In addition, the way of life of its people plays an important role for me. Getting to know the Danish lifestyle and being inspired by the "hyggeligen" mentality of the Danes would be a great pleasure for me. I assume that in the beginning it will be difficult for me to get along in a new country with a foreign language in a different family. But I am highly motivated and look forward to this. My main-goal is to speak at least two languages fluently when I grow up, to meet new people and discover new cultures, and maybe even make friends for life.​"


Navn: Marta
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: Tyskland
Sprog: Engelsk og tysk
Opholdsperiode: August 2022 – June 2023

Marta live with her mother, father and big brother in Germany. Her hobbies are ballet and she also like to play tennis. She enjoy spending time with her friends. Marta also like cooking and baking and would like to share her receipts with her host family in Denmark.

Hvorfor vil Marta på udveksling?
"Since I have never been to another country for longer than three weeks, I want to go on a big adventure and learn about your culture and lifestyle. The scandinavian countries have been on my mind for a bit and therefore I got the idea of going on an exchange. A couple friends of mine are also going on an exchange but it is more common to go to Canada or the USA for the exchange. Eventhough I have never been to either of those countries, Denmark sounded more interesting. I would like to learn to speak danish because english is the only language I study at school and I think learning a new language like yours would be very helpful in the future but also the process could be fun. I am doing pretty good in school but the german school system is different to the danish one. That is a big reason why I want to go to Denmark, because I want to know what school is like in your country".

Hilsen fra Marta:
"I am an extrovert person and meeting new people and making new friends isn‘t hard at all to me. I love to make people laugh and spread good vibes. I want to stay in Denmark for one year and I want to have unique experiences and get to know many people."



Navn: Anna
Fødselsår: 2006
Hjemland: Tjekkiet
Sprog: Tjekkisk, Engelsk og Fransk
Opholdsperiode: August 2022 – December 2022

Anna live with her younger brother and sister, their dog Frida and her parents in a small village near Prague. Her favorite free-time activity is hanging out with her friends. Her hobbies include drama lessons, swimming, playing the piano and singing. Her attitude to sport is positive, although she describe herself not to be a sport’s freak. She has been attending contemporary dance classes ever since she was young. In the past year she has been attending classes of standard and Latino pair dancing with her friends and she really like it.

Hvorfor vil Anna på udveksling?
"As to my motivation for this trip, I have always thought about going abroad during my studies but I did not expect it to come so early. As soon as I heard about this opportunity from my school, I knew this is the exact thing I needed as an energy booster. From what I heard from my friends and parents, experience from living abroad is always unique. I hope it could enhance me not only academically but also in finding a new direction in my life."

Hilsen fra Anna:
"I would describe myself as optimistic and joyful. I handle situations quite easily and I don't necessarily bother with small failures. I like hanging out with friends and people who are authentic, spontaneous and fun around. Most of the times, I am outgoing, sociable, talkative and I like to entertain other people. However sometimes I like to slow down a bit and have my own peace. I often need new impulses in my life. When I get stuck in stereotypes, I tend to procrastinate. Overall I think I just like to be present in the moment. I am really excited to share and enjoy this experience with you. And finally, I am looking forward to meeting you in person."


Tharnthara "Khim"

Navn: Tharnthara "Khim"
Fødselsår: 2007
Hjemland: Thailand
Sprog: Thai, Engelsk og Kinesisk
Opholdsperiode: August 2022 – Juni 2023

In Thailand, Khim live with her two sisters, her mother and father. Her hobbies are golf and Thai musical instrument called “Khim” same as her nickname. She started golf when she was in 5th grade, and she has played on high level for many years. She also like listening to music and watching movies. She like to spend time with her friends, and they like to watch anime and do cosplays together. Khim and her friends like to dress out in cosplay outfits, take pictures and attend anime events with the cosplay outfit on. Khim parents describe her as an independent and sensible child. She is reasonable and capable of looking after herself. Khim has also showed much interest in collecting donations for charity. She love to help other people.

Hvorfor vil Khim på udveksling?
"In the future, I want to study in the Management business faculty. I think being an exchange student will be a very important experience for me because this faculty needs students that are good at English and commination. After I graduate from university, I want to apply for a business girl because I love to have a service career. In conclusion, I’d like to thank you very much for taking the time to get to know me better. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon and also becoming a part of your family. I’m willing to spend a great time together with you and make it an unforgettable year for both of us."

Hilsen fra Khim:
"I would like to thank you deeply for taking the time to read this letter of mine. Also, thank you for taking me in as another family member of yours. I am sure I will have an amazing time there with you! With love, med kærlighed Khim". A greeting from her parents: "As her parents, we sincerely thank you for welcoming our daughter into your family. Anything you will do for our daughter. This experience will certainly be very important for her personal and educational development, make her life more colorful and better! We sincerely hope that your family will have the opportunity to come to Thailand and visit our home, so you can appreciate experience Thai culture and feel our hospitality."

See Khims video presenation here.


Navn: Tonnam
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: Thailand
Sprog: Thai, Engelsk og Kinesisk
Opholdsperiode: August 2022 – Juni 2023

In Thailand, Tonnam live with his parents, their dog and 3 cats. He feel like their pets make their family more colorful. His favorite hobby is playing football and his favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo. At home, he often assist his mother with their duties. Tonnam like to be in the kitchen and cook together with his mother and he would like to cook for his host family in Denmark. He also like meeting friends and cuddeling with his dog.

Hvorfor vil Tonnam på udveksling?
"Being an exchange student is another dream of mine. to give me a new experience that cannot be found in my country and different cultures and languages I'm excited to be an exchange student and I'm grateful to my family. For supporting me, Denmark is a country that I would like to live there at least once in my life. I love reading about Viking history. And the Vikings series is my favorite and Denmark is a country full of Viking culture and stories. And it made me learn more about the beautiful and peaceful Danish landscape. and a country with its own language. And now I am preparing to learn the basics of Danish. and looking forward to opening my world in Denmark."

Hilsen fra Tonnam:
"Thank you so much for taking the time to read this letter. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know more about me. As I’m rather inexperienced with your cultures and lifestyle, I would appreciate any advice you can give. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your family. Med venlig hilsen Tonnam".



Navn: Gemma
Fødselsår: 2005
Hjemland: Italien
Sprog: Engelsk, spansk og italiensk
Opholdsperiode: August 2022 – June 2023

Gemma lives with her parents and her two younger sisters in a small city near Milano in Italy. Gemma also has a dog named Willy. She describes herself as a happy and funny person. Gemma like doing sports and today she is practicing Thai boxing and swimming. Gemma has been a scout member since she was 8 years old, and she still loves it. She like to be outside in the nature and that the scouts teaches you to respect others and nature and how to work together as a group. When it comes to her friends, she is said to be the "mom" of the group because she like to help others and she care a lot about other people.

Hvorfor vil Gemma på udveksling?
"I want to learn about the Danish culture, for example their typical dishes, their traditional festivals and their ecological culture. I'm really interested about how school works there and if it is much more effective and practical. I want to share with my host family long walks in beautiful landscapes. One of the reasons why I really want to join this program is because I hope to learn and see other cultures, habits and I can improve my English and learn a new language. Also, I suppose that it will change my life completely because it’s going to make me more adult and independent."

Hilsen fra Gemma:
"I'm a simple person, in fact I appreciate little things such as doing sports, nature and go out with my friends. At first people see me as a really shy and private person but once I get closer, I became solar, sincere and helpful person."

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