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Kommende STS udvekslingselever

Vi har løbende udvekslingselever som kommer til Danmark, for at opleve den danske kultur på et high school år. De skal bo hos en dansk værtsfamilie, og derfor søger vi altid værtsfamilier til at huse vores udvekslingselever fra hele verden. Til august får en masse udvekslingselever til Danmark og de glæder sig til at lære dansk, lære mere om det danske begreb "hygge" og blive en del af den danske kultur. Du kan læse et sneak peak om de forskellige elever herunder - måske er der en som passer netop ind hos jer?

Vil du gerne høre mere, eller modtage elevens fulde profil inkl. billeder? Så udfyld en kontaktformular herunder, eller skriv om en e-mail direkte på info@sts.dk i dag.

Følgende udvekslingselever , mangler lige nu en dansk værtsfamilie:



Name: Asia​
Year of birth: 2004​
Home country: Italy​
Languages: Italian, French and English​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Asia's hobbies are reading and swimming, but she also really like tennis and she like to spend time with her friends. She really like fantasy books, like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, she think reading is the right way to enter in another world.​

Why does Asia want to go on an exchange?:
" I can't wait to live a year in Denmark! Why? Because I always believed that living an exchange student experience was a fantastic adventure to do! I think Denmark is the right country for me because I've always heard good about this country, I've also watched many videos about Denmark and about other exchange students who have lived here, and gradually I became more and more of wanting to leave and try to become an exchange student."​

Greetings from Asia:
" I often changed cities for my father's work, I never suffered so much, I lived the movers as a new "adventure": new friends, new school, new life. All these movers have opened my mind, my way of living things is different and now I can't wait to make any kind of trip. From this experience I expect to find a second family and to discover a new culture and to learn a new language. I think my family and my friends would describe me as a nice, funny person and in the right situations a serious person too".



Name: Marilena​
Year of birth: 2006​
Languages: German and English​
Period of stay: August 2021 – December 2021

Marilena love photography and she can´t wait to bring her camera to Denmark . Marilena is very active, so twice a week she do gymnastics in a team with around 20 other girls in her age. Once a week Marilena play volleyball with some friends. Another sport she is very passionate about is dancing. She do a mix of Modern- and Jazzdance with a group of 10 people and they have about two performances a year.​

Why does Marilena want to go on an exchange?:
"I´ve always been eager to learn new things and discover other cultures and different ways of living and that´s why I want to do an exchange year. Also the surprise of which location I will be living in is exciting. In 2019 my family and I did a trip around Scandinavia and Denmark stayed in my head after the visit: I wanted to learn Danish and get deeper in touch with the variety and culture of the country and the daily life of the people there. The country seemed very modern and open minded to me."​

Greetings from Marilena:
"I´m a happy and optimistic person. Also, I`m helpful, active (sports) and self-confident. I am a little perfectionist and I´m communicative and curious.I´m looking forward to learning the Danish language and experience the culture and the school system. Since I love cooking, I would cook some German food for you, and I would also like to try out some Danish dishes as well."


Name: Leonie​
Year of birth: 2005
Languages: German and English​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Leonie is a friendly, helpful, polite and honest girl. She spends a lot time by playing piano, reading and listening music. She‘s often outside with her little sister and her friends. Leonie already started to learn danish, and she is looking forward to becoming a fluent speaker. She likes the Danish culture, language, the country. She loves to travel and get to know other countries.

Why does Leonie want to go on an exchange?:
"In the Summer holidays we were often in Denmark and I really like the country. In the 8th grade I got the chance to make a one-week student exchange to Copenhagen, and a was one of the best things I have done. The City is beautiful and the Danish way of life is very appealing to me. I learned much new things, that I did not know from Germany. I was absolutely thrilled. Now I get the chance to make an other student exchange and I decided immediately for Denmark. I want to speak fluent Danish, I wants to get to know more of the culture, and I want to find a second home."​

Greetings from Leonie:
"Dear Host family, I’m really looking forward to having a great time in Denmark, learn all about your culture and learn Danish, and I hope I can have this great time together with you as a part of your family!"​



Name: Chastyn​
Year of birth: 2004
Languages: English, Spanish, German and French​
Period of stay: August 2021 – June 2022

Chastyn enjoys spending time with others. Some of her interest include short trips to interesting places, making chocolate chip cookies, playing volleyball, animals, taking pictures, crafts, and listening to music.​

Why does Chastyn want to go on an exchange?:
"have always loved to travel and meet new people. My main motivation to study abroad is to put myself into situations that I am not used to being in so that I will establish self-reliance. One goal for my experience abroad would be to engage in the different culture and learn more about the surrounding areas, I want to connect with different cultures and try new things. "​

Greetings from Chastyn:
"I am looking forward to spending time with everyone and just having fun. As I said earlier, family is very important to me. I learn a lot from the people around me and I believe that others around you can affect the rest of your life. My aunt did a program like this when she was my age. She told me that it was the best months of her life and it taught her a lot. I cannot wait to meet everyone!"​

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