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Kommende STS udvekslingselever

Vi har løbende udvekslingselever som kommer til Danmark, for at opleve den danske kultur på et high school år. De skal bo hos en dansk værtsfamilie, og derfor søger vi altid værtsfamilier til at huse vores udvekslingselever fra hele verden. Til august får en masse udvekslingselever til Danmark og de glæder sig til at lære dansk, lære mere om det danske begreb "hygge" og blive en del af den danske kultur. Du kan læse et sneak peak om de forskellige elever herunder - måske er der en som passer netop ind hos jer?

Vil du gerne høre mere, eller modtage elevens fulde profil inkl. billeder? Så udfyld en kontaktformular herunder, eller skriv om en e-mail direkte på [email protected] i dag.

Tyskland: Riccardo

  • Alder: 16 år
  • Opholdet længde: 10 måneder fra august 2020

"My name is Riccardo and I was born on the 21st march 2005 in Hamburg, a city on the north coast of Germany. The persons that know me well say that I am very inquisitive, ambitious and funny. I have also many interests, like badminton, astronomy and physics. Therefore I also wrote a thesis about the big bang. On the weekend I go with my best friends, Louis and Louis, in the wood and there we pursue bushcrafting for hours. I like it to spend time with them: we know each other since primary school and we understand very well because we have many similarities. I also like riding my bike and because of that I try to ride it at any possible time, like to school or to badminton. In my free time I read a lot.

Family closeness is very important to me and my family; so we do many family activities in the weekend, like going to the cinema or or visiting culturally interesting points in and around Berlin, like the city of Potsdam and the Spreewald. We live in a very big house and all of us have to help in the housework. At home I clean my room and one of the bathrooms, I cut the lawn and I cook very often for my family. I like every type of pets, especially cats and mouse. We have also a lovely family cat. I hear a lot of music and I love to play piano; I take lessons for one year. I also played the viola for 3 years. So i think I have told the most important things about me and now it is time to meet you and continue to talk in Danish :-) I hope that you will take me as part of your family and that it will result in a long lasting friendship."

Italien: Irene

  • Alder: 16 år
  • Opholdet længde: 10 måneder fra august 2020

"In my free time, I like learning languages and drawing, and last summer I also picked up knitting. As for sports, I’ve tried a variety of them through my life, and I eventually found something that I really enjoy: karate, a sport I've been doing for 4 years, and orienteering, that I just started thanks to my school. I’d like to pick up modern dancing, though! I have a bright personality, and I know sometimes I'm quite talkative. I would also describe myself as energetic and fun, but also determined when I really want to achieve something. If you asked my friends, they’d describe me as loving and caring, and they’d also say I'm someone to talk to when they need to, because of the maturity I am able to show in times of need.

I have chosen to live this experience in Denmark, because I realized that I wanted to visit the North of Europe sometime soon, and then I got curious about your country. I read a lot about hygge, your care for the environment, and some of the history, and the more I learned, the more curious I got. I think Denmark is a great place to visit and connect with people, and I think it’s the perfect destination for my year abroad. It’ll be difficult to learn the language, but I'll try my best and I’m here for it. I can’t wait to start this adventure."

Italien: Stefania

  • Alder: 17 år
  • Opholdet længde: 10 måneder fra august 2020

"Growing up I've always had my ideas and I try not to judge something before knowing the situation. Another aspect of my personality is that I get serious and quiet when I'm in important situations. But I can be also very talkative and friendly when I'm with friends in informal occasions. I don't like to cause problems to the others and I'm really calm (I'm a nice girl!). I'm rarely sad and I always try to see the best part of the people. I think I can be a great friend and a good daughter, helping whenever someone needs a hand. In addiction to languages I have many more passions. First of all, I love reading. My favourite book is "The Clockwork Princess". It is part of the Shadowhunters chronicles and I've read those books like three times (there are many many books). I read because it's a way to take time to think and reflect about different situations. Books have the power to take me to a different world rather than the one I live in, letting me forget about everything. I love listening to music,
too. I like pop, rock and alternative music. My favourite singer is Shawn Mendes.

I decided to spend my 4th year of school abroad because I've always wanted to do this experience to expand my horizons. Last year I was watching some schools online and I found out that there are many advantages for European people who want to study in Denmark. In addition to this, I'd like to go to university there and I think this year could help me very much. So here am I, ready to begin this new life, even if completely different.”

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