Forhenværende elever fortæller

STS har modtaget udvekslingselever fra hele verden og de har hver i sær oplevet Danmark på deres helt egen måde. Læs her om hvordan deres oplevelse har været.

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Jenna, exchange student from Canada

"My experience so far in Denmark has been remarkable. Not to say that it hasn’t been difficult, which it has, but I have gained so much more from this year abroad than I could have possibly gained from staying at home. It has been a truly eye-opening experience and definitely made me a more independent person. I’ve had many opportunities to travel Europe and go to new places I’ve never been before. I have also been able to try many new things and live life differently than I’m used to. For example, I started playing handball in Denmark, which is something that I can’t really do in Canada as it is not a popular sport. I have also gotten used to biking everywhere and grown to like it, another thing that I really don’t do in Canada. Furthermore, my Danish is getting better and better every day, which is a really cool feeling.

The differences between Denmark and Canada are endless: the school system, the weather, the culture, the nature, etc. But I have learned to adapt and become very open-minded. Danes are such lovable and “hyggelig” people! My host family has been incredibly wonderful to me and taken me in as one of their own. For that I am truly grateful. I can honestly say that my experiences in Denmark will be unforgettable and these ten months will remain with me forever."

- Jenna from Canada

Jamie, exchange student from Canada

"Hi, I have been in Denmark for about two months, since January 25th. Since my arrival I have been able to experience lots of cool things. My first weekend my host family brought me to a birthday party for one of their grandparents. I was able to see how the Danish traditions compared to the Canadian ones right off the bat. It was pretty similar in terms of having more guests the more you age, renting out a space and having lots of food and singing. The differences were that they opened gifts on their own or whenever they pleased as for we always do it right after everyone has eaten cake. I was surprised a second time when upon our arrival we had to walk down a line shaking everyone’s hand. (I really love the concept of this!) Since then I have been to lots of smaller birthdays and parties at my school. I have been to Copenhagen with my host family as well. We saw the Queens Castle, the Opera House, lots of old churches, and also, quite briefly, we stopped to peek in at Christiania. My host family really wanted to show me the diversity in all of Copenhagen. I am so glad I got to see and compare the different regions of the city. Recently we have also visited the museum of the Vikings. I LOVED that place; I got to learn lots about the real native people of Denmark. So far, I have got to really experience the culture of this country and we have lot’s more adventures planned."

- Jamie from Canada

Elena, Italien, udvekslingsstudent hos familien Eriksson

Lars, Tyskland, udvekslingsstudent hos familien Staberg

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