For elever i alderen 14 til 18

STS eleverne: Marco, Jessica & Maddie

Fri Nov 09 2018

Hos STS High School sender vi ikke kun elever til udlandet, men vi tager også imod udvekslingselever som ønsker at opleve Danmark. Vi har talt med Maddie, Marco og Jessica som er tre af vores fantastiske udvekslingselever, som netop nu bor i Danmark. Herunder kan du læse om nogle af deres første oplevelser med danske traditioner og hvilke forventninger de har til deres ophold i Danmark.

Maddie er fra New Zealand og bor i Aabenraa, Marco er fra Italien og bor i Tølløse og Jessica er fra USA og bor i Snekkersten.

What was the first Danish word you learned?

  • Maddie: I first learnt how to say “Mojn”.
  • Marco: I think it was “rødgrød med fløde” together with introducing words
  • Jessica: I learned it through a Norwegian song, but it turns out it's the same in both languages – “lukket”, meaning closed! It's said a lot differently in Danish though

What is your favourite Danish dish?

  • Maddie: My favorite Danish dish is “frikadellers”
  • Marco: I still must try many of them but so far, I'm in love with remoulade sauce! I put it everywhere when I eat something
  • Jessica: So far, I'm a fan of “frikadeller”! And I know it's not a dish, but “flødeboller” are also really really good.

What do you find most interesting among the things you have experienced so far?

  • Maddie:The most interesting thing I have done so far is just driven around looking at things.
  • Marco: Definitely party traditions. They're (Danes) just really wild.
  • Jessica: It may be the innate difference in how people will greet strangers or how they'll treat strangers?

What is the biggest difference about your home country and Denmark?

  • Maddie: The biggest difference between NZ and Denmark is the language and how school works.
  • Marco: Both lifestyle and people attitude. Here in Denmark people are more reserved compared to Italy where they would be more open towards you at first sight. But when you get to know the Danes they are just as friendly as Italians!
  • Jessica: Well, there's a lot. I suppose it would be the drastic change in geographic location, like the sun is in a different place and the weather is a lot different, it's getting colder a lot earlier here.

What do you look forward to the most about your coming semester/year in Denmark?

  • Maddie: I look forward to traveling around Denmark and other countries the most!
  • Marco: I don't really know, to be honest. I don't really want to build expectations but probably I would say to get integrated as best as possible
  • Jessica: I look forward to experiencing something new while trying to show what it's like at my home as well. And of course, making new friends.

Kunne du tænke dig at blive værtsfamilie for en STS udvekslingselev? Så kontakt Gitte på [email protected]. Tag også et kig på de elever som lige nu leder efter en skøn dansk værtsfamilie - måske er der en som passer ind i netop jeres familie?